Come With me, I'll show you: Stories of People

Edited by: John Currie

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The operator tells me the cab will arrive in five minutes. I say thanks and hang up.

“Yeah, what do you mean it’s more than that?” Boss asks.

“It’s all of you,” I say. “I don’t like you. You’re all losers.”

Michelle scrunches her face. “Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking to?” she says, moving her head from side to side like some ghetto bitch.

“I know exactly who I’m talking to! I’m not afraid of you! I write stories about how pathetic you all are and people love them!” I shout.

“You’re like cartoon characters! I’m disappointed in myself for even knowing you!”

— from “Drink the Kool-Aid” by Kyle Weber



Behind Her Name by Juliver Ramirez
Territory by Zili Wang
Believe by Zili Wang
Shatter by Kirsten Armstrong

Parking Lot 8 by Jessica Zurawicki
Drink the Kool-Aid by Kyle Weber
Cookies by Emily Peden
Ashhar by Sadaf Saleem

Broken Mirror by Vincent Gao
The Wedding by Niall Carson
The Pundat will Make it Better by Kira Rai
Last of Us by Deanna Restivo
Paul by Matthew Household

Mark by Martha Sinclair
Before Turning the Page by Jessica Lee
When it Pours by Hannah Taylor
Jack by Ivana Sarmiento
Rebellion by Patrick Hewson

Silver Ladder by Aaron Jervis
Apartment 1701 by Nadeem Basaria
The Sleepover by Hannah Andres
The Dead by Andrew Ihamaki


National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Come with me, I’ll show you : stories of people / edited by John Currie.
(New writers series)
Short stories.
ISBN 978-1-987936-09-4 (paperback)
1. Short stories, Canadian (English)--21st century.
I. Currie, John, 1969-, editor
II. Series: Life Rattle new writers series
PS8329.1.C6 2015     C813’.010806     C2015-905946-1