how to be a good muslim girl

by tahmina reza


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"If you understood anything about the feminist movement you would know that it advocates the freedom of women from oppresion. I am a Muslim woman who decided for herself to wear hijab. I do it to serve God. The only one oppressing me right now is you and your slandering. If you or anyone else think that you have proof that the purpose of hijab is otherwise, then let's engage in something called discussion, with something called references."




National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: 1st Canadian ed.
Names: Reza, Tahmina 1983-
How to be a good muslim girl / Tahmina Reza.

Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2007
New publishers series 1713-8981
ISBN 978-1-897161-33-3
I.Title. II.Series
BP188.18.W65R49 2007 297.5082'0971 C2007-902163-8