By Katherine Luczynski


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J. centres on the quirky friendship of a mother and daughter after the collapse of a marriage. The story follows Katherine from the age of six, when she learns about her parents’ divorce, through to her adult years at university.


“I’ve never called my mom Mom. It’s always been J. or Jamima—my pronunciation of her real name Janina—and sometimes I call her Nusha, my version of a short form for ‘mommy’ in Polish.”

An Excerpt.




National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Luczynski, Katherine
J. / Katherine Luczynski.
Life Rattle Press, Toronto, 2011
(New Publishers series, ISSN 1713-8981)
Chiefly in English; some text in Polish.

ISBN 978-1-897161-97-5

1. Creative nonfiction, Canadian (English). 2. Mothers and daughters.
I. Title. II. Series: New publishers series

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