Passing through: Stories About Places

Collected and Edited by: Robert Grant Price


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In Passing Through, twenty-one new authors write about the places they know best and the places they visited only once but will never forget.

Between these covers, readers will discover twenty-six stories detailing life in places as public as New York City and as secret as a military bunker; in places as familiar as home and as strange as foreign lands; in places as quiet as an island morning and as frenzied as a night club.

Meet the characters who make a place unique. Learn the unspoken social etiquette of college and the rules for navigating a hookup joint. Discover lonely corners and spots where you'll never be alone.


Part 1: Strangers in a Strange Land
The Last Building on The Jane Strip by Tara Monfaredi
Cruising Marie Curtis by Rafay Agha
Simon by Kimmy Johnson
There’s No Such Thing as Palestine by Carine Abouseif
INFOCON by Henry Hyun Soo Kim
Mrs. Peters’ Dogs by Carlos Rossi
Mirrors by Kimmy Johnson
Locker Room by Jaime Pokhoy
Joanne by Tara Monfaredi
Memphisby Beth Dennis
This is Canada by Emin Altay
The York Tavern by  Andrew Ihamaki
Vigil by Jessica Gelar


Part 2: We Go on a Journey
Bonne Fête by Natasha Hartono
Manang Neneby  Jessica Gelar
Facebook by  Anielyn Benasa
October Showers by Charleen Sye
My First Nightby  Henry Hyun Soo Kim
Chinatown  by Laura Gillis
Doggy Bag  by Charleen Sye
Teacups  by Samantha Ashenhurst
Sneaking In  by Juliver Ramirez
Drugs  by Anas Ansari
Green Gecko  by Rhenice Bowman
Home  by Sherv Alaghehbandi



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Passing through : stories about places / Robert Grant Price.
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(New writers series)
Short stories.
ISBN 978-1-987936-10-0 (paperback)
I. Title. II. Series: Life Rattle new writers series
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