showing the story: Creative nonfiction by new writers

Collected and edited by guy allen and the life rattle collective


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Showing the Story collects nonfiction by new writers: clear voices, fresh content, engaging storytelling.

This collection shows what people new to writing, given opportunity and support and guidance, can accomplish. These new authors write with economy, grace, precision, courage.

Their stories pull us into spaces unfamiliar to us, and yet in the things that happen in those spaces, things we may not have known about, we recognize pieces of ourselves.

Included in the collection are these authors and stories:

Selina Africaine                        “Bill”
                                                “The Roti Shop”

Ebi Agbeyegbe                         “Miss Fitzgerald”

Sunny Ahn                                “Guilt”

Saamiya Ali-Mohammed           “The Back Stairs”

Samantha Ashenhurst              “Green Beans and Barbie Dolls”
                                                 “The Birthday”
Mark Bialy                                 “The Visit”

Dana Bibi                                   “Marketing”

Madeleine Brown                       “The Pantsing”

Afreen Chowdhury                    “Chocolate”

John Currie                                “Mortal Fear”

Emily Davidson                          “Put a Hole in It, Won’t You”

Mike DeLellis                             “The Calculus Test”

Shane Driver                             “The Perfect House”

Joseph Dunlop                          “Martina V: Sex Worker”

Aristotle Eliopoulos                   “The Substitute”

Simin Emadzadeh                      “Grandfather”

Vincent Gao                               “St. Laurent”
                                                  “Like Fifth Period French”

Adam Giles                                 “Christine”

Bailey Green                               “Jailbait”

Belinda Grimaudo Grayburn     “Letting Go”
                                                 “Sing, Anna, Sing”

Shaan Gupta                            “Attention”
                                                 “Molecular Templates”

Huamei Han                              “Wen”

Christina Hunter                        “Choke”

Andrew Ihamaki                         “Power Rangers”
                                                   “Shit Tire: Fenelon Falls”

Rachel James                            “Diamond Heights”
                                                  “The First Stop”

Laurie Kallis                               “Willie Lavigne”
Sami Karaman                           “Counting Time”
                                                  “Cash Three”

Bayan Khatib                             “The Elevator”

Justin Lau                                  “The Unexpected Birthday Present”

Anna Li                                     “Little Bird”

Paul Maka                                 “Sunday Afternoon”

Tyler McLaren                          “Clancy’s”

Sara Middleton                          “Piss”
                                                  “Pot ’O Gold”
                                                  “Eva Wilkens”

Mike Novak                              “Lessons in Interviewing”

Peter Palladini                          “Cell Phone”

Phillip Parsons                          “My Last Presentation”

Nikita Pchelin                           “Disturbing the Universe”

Mike Pitocco                             “Silver Spoons”

Robert Grant Price                    “Arnie’s Closet”

Juliver Ramirez                         “Path”
                                                 “Sneaking Out”

Christie Rodenburg                   “Calf Bully”

Jayson San Miguel                    “Wish”

Natasha Segal                          “Buried the Jewish Way”

Rahul Sethi                               “The Door”
                                                 “On the Bus”

Evangeline Torres Sled             “Cow Plops”

Jason Swetnam                         “Mi Keong”
                                                  “Interview with Tevyah”

Lauren Tashiro                          “Away Game”

Samir Toma                               “An Unexpected Afternoon”

Penny Verbruggen                    “Behind the Cedars”
                                                  “Flying Down to Rio”

Laurel Waterman                      “Fire”
                                                 “Sesame Street”

Anne Yendell                            “Campfire”


National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Edition: First Canadian ed.
Publisher: Toronto: Life Rattle Press, 2014
Life Rattle Press New Writers Series: 1200 5266
ISBN: 978-1-927023-63-1 (pbk.)