The Foragers: The Shirakami-Sanchi forest

By Katherine Nader

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ISBN: 978-1-998936-01-8

A group of multi-tasked contestants join a competition to become the greatest forager of Japan's Shirakami-Sanchi forest. What they don't know is that the Shirakami-Sanchi forest is owned by assassin clans and corrupt organizations called the Hideki Group and the Mori Group who are looking to recruit winners to become assassins for them.

The owners hold a competition every year where participants must hunt for each other's badges in the middle of a forest. In order to pass the first round, winners must present one of three badges: their own, their predator's or their prey's. Winners presenting all three become the ultimate forager and complete the competition without needing to fulfill any other rounds. Contestants must make it to the top of the food chain in order to win. Among them lurk recruits of two assassin clans, the Spider Clan and the Mamushi Clan, battling each other for control over the forest.