What If Someone Sees Us? Creative Nonfiction by New Writers

by Guy Allen and Divya Maharajh


Available at Amazon.ca

2023 ISBN 978-1-989861-54-7

What If Someone Sees Us? collects nonfiction by new writers: clear voices, fresh content, engaging storytelling. This collection shows what people new to writing, given opportunity and support and guidance, can accomplish.

These new authors write with economy, grace, precision, courage. Their stories pull us into spaces unfamiliar to us, and yet in the things that happen in those spaces, things we may not have known about, we recognize pieces of ourselves.


A.R. Adam

The Black Turban


Andrew Ihamaki


Bayan Khatib

The Elevator

Bilaal Mohamed

Behind the Bushes
Operation Thumb Drive

Christina Hunter



Daniella Medel-Lawrence

I Love You Too


Donald Fitzgerald



Ebi Agbeyegbe

Miss Fitzgerald


Eileen Chen

Washroom 1


Elizabeth Clark

The Stovepipe Hole


Emily Bonilla Rojas



Emily Davidson

Put a Hole in it, Won’t You?


Gabrielle Ong

One Morning in Singapore


Gauri Menon



Halah Butt



Helen Sproule

Deep in Southern Alberta


Hijin Baasandorj

ESSE Lights


Huiqi Zeng

A Secret


Janéa Achioso

An Old Jamaican Man


Jay Stephen

The Eurocentric View


Jonathan Waugh

Finding the Moon


Juliver Ramirez

Sneaking Out


Kael Reid

The Summer Afternoon


Lara Abike

The Peddler Girl


Laurel Waterman

Sesame Street


Leegun Kim

Block 16


Leila Mohammad



M.A. Najfi

The Good Boy


Madeleine Brown



Mark Bialy

The Visit


Mark Sidney
Joseph Auger

My Father’s Voice


Marylou Ceccile

Lakeview Indian Day School


Mashal Nihal



Meghna K. Parhar

Alexandra: Bébé de Sucre


Mia Ortega

Code Blue


Miguel DaSilva

Door FiftyFive


Naomi Wilson

Love Struck


Natasha Segal

Buried the Jewish Way


Paul Maka

Sunday Afternoon


Phoebe Chin

Little Bird


Rachel Smith

Diamond Heights
The First Stop


Rahul Sethi

The Door


Saamiyah Ali-Mohammed

The Back Stairwell


Samantha Ashenhurst

The Birthday


Sandali Vithanage

Call It Even


Sara Middleton

Eva Wilkens


Selina Africaine

Bill and Mr. Ram
Roti Shop


Shelley Guo

Mariage d’Amour


Simin Emadzadeh



Sunny Ahn



Tara Monfaredi

The Morning