life rattle Radio show no. 1134

Aired on CKLN FM 88.1 January 9, 2011


Hosted by Glenn James



"After the Show"
"Retarded Love"
"Everything for Pook"

by Karina Barbara

tonight's writer and Stories

Karina Barbara was born in 1975 in Warsaw, Poland. She came with her parents to Canada in 1981. The family arrived in Winnipeg and stayed there for four years before moving to the greater Toronto area. As her parents moved around the GTA, Karina attended four or five different high schools. Like many young people in that position she found it “hard to make friends.”

Karina Barbara has written a series of extraordinary stories chronicling a relationship between two people in their early twenties. Barbara writes in a heightened style. Her characters’ moods swing between misery and euphoria with little time for anything in between, a “desperate ecstasy” the narrator calls it in the story we’re about to hear. Barbara’s writing, although direct and vivid, also sounds stylized, almost formal. Like the Heavy Metal bands her characters listen to, Slayer, Dayglo Abortions, Cradle of Filth, Barbara’s stories use exaggeration, melodrama, dark gothic ambience and humour–don’t forget the humour; Barbara’s use of humour, even in her darkest scenes, keeps our interest--to achieve their effects.