life rattle Radio show no. 1148

Aired on CKLN FM 88.1 april 17, 2011


Hosted by Yanique Bird



"The Apology"

by Rocco Racco

tonight's writer and stories

Rocco Racco pursues his MEd at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He published “Creative Writing—An Instructional Strategy to Improve Literacy: Attitudes of the Intermediate English Student” in the Journal of Classroom Teaching and Literacy, and now researches student learning through classroom blogging. Racco is Department Head of English at a Secondary School in Vaughan and is also Principal of Adult and Continuing Education..

The main protagonists in Racco’s stories will remain with you long after the show is over. Rosario and Ming Lee will haunt you, not in a ghostly way, but in how each deals with (or doesn’t deal with) things both said and unsaid.

“Rosario” is a heart-breaking, tragic story about a young teenage boy whose dysfunctional home life is reflected in his own relationship with the girl he loves—and in his tragic end.

In “The Apology,” an English-as-a-second language teacher in Hong Kong is astounded when a student returns an hour after school is let out to apologize deferentially for, and remove, a chewed piece of bubble gum wrapped in a tissue in her desk.