life rattle Radio show no. 1159

Schedule to Air on CKLN july 3, 2011 - aired Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hosted by John Martin


Norm Reynolds reading his story:
"My Father's Birthday"
and a reading of
Mary Dytyniak's
"My First Kiss"

tonight's writers and stories

Norm Reynolds has published short fiction in the United States and Canada and book reviews in the Canadian National Press. He currently teaches English and Drama in Toronto. He is the author of the plays Put Up Your Hand and The Good-bye Play, which you can find on the Playwright's Guild Website. His short story “Living in Reverse” appears in the Paperplates website.
In tonight’s story, “My Father’s Birthday,” Reynolds will make you laugh and then make you cry as he wraps you in the fold of his family, in their love and their pain as Dad learns of his son’s sexual orientation. .

Mary Dytyniak, a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Professional Writing, History and Classics and currently pursues a career in magazine writing, with plans to write a second novel in the near future.

Tonight we will hear, “My First Kiss,” an excerpt from Guys Just Don’t Kiss Like That, Dytyniak’s first published novel. Very much a personal tale, Guys Just Don’t Kiss Like That captures Dytyniak’s first lesbian romance, experienced while studying abroad in Siena, Italy in the summer of 2009.

The novel focuses on Evelyn—a slippery character whose bold sexual identity and feminine woes catch Dytyniak’s attention and eventually, her heart. Dytyniak’s writing explores sexuality, romance, and heartbreak using sensory description and simple language.

For tonight’s program, Virginia Ashberry will read Mary Dytyniak’s story “My First Kiss” here on Life Rattle.