life rattle show no. 1173

Presented on Sunday, october 9, 2011


Hosted by virginia ashberry


Jeff Fitzpatrick reading his stories:
"Three Stitches and a Tetanus Shot"
"Going to My Brother's House"



tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle #1173, features stories by Jeff Fitzpatrick.

Jeff Fitzpatrick was born in Toronto, the younger of two boys, in 1975. The Fitzpatrick family moved to Brampton when Jeff was five, and he grew up and went to school there. He took a year off his computer science studies at university to work in the IT department of a large company before resuming his formal education and graduating in 2001. He went on to work documenting software for a nuclear engineer.
Jeff Fitzpatrick’s stories highlight the fragility and the awkward self-consciousness of youth. Fitzpatrick’s direct, immediate style of short sentences and lots of detail reflects the curiosity of the narrator.