life rattle show no. 1184

Presented on Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


Janine Burigana reading her story
"Jesus Christ Kids It's Christmas"

tonight's Show

Today is Life Rattle Number 1184, Omnibus Edition. This two hour long show features the hilarious classic Life Rattle holiday season epic story by Janine Burigana.

"Jesus Christ Kids It's Christmas"

Burigana’s story presents a brilliantly comic, absurdist view of suburban family life and the struggle between a girl and her mother about what a woman should be. We’ve been playing this hilarious story almost every Christmas since 1992 to help our listeners put this whole crazy season in perspective.

Janine Burigana was born in 1963 in Toronto, the eldest of three and the only girl. When she was four her family moved to Mississauga. Her father sold automotive equipment, and her mother worked part time as a school secretary. People called Burigana a tomboy. By ten, she played centre in the Mississauga Girls’ Hockey League and dominated the neighbourhood boys in street hockey. Her dream was to play ice hockey in the Olympics Burigana says: “My dad told me the Olympic Committee planned to put women’s hockey in the Olympics, but it took them too long and I never got the chance.” Burigana teaches French and physical education for the Toronto School Board.