Arnie Achtman Award


Every year Life Rattle encounters exceptional new writers. Some of these writers have created a substantial body of work that deserves the broader audience publication will provide. The cost of publishing an individual collection is prohibitive for a non-profit collective.

In 2014 Life Rattle created the Arnie Achtman Award and ran a fundraising campaign to publish an invidual collection.

Shane Driver was the recipient of the award and his book Broken was launched at the 2014 Totally Unknown Writers Festival.


The donations of these Life Rattle supports made the 2014 Arnie Achtman Award possible.

Martha Ayim $100
Robert Bickford $20
Andrei Dinu $100
Laurie Kallis $40
John Dunford $40
Penny Verbruggen $100
Robert Clouston $100

Jocelyn Sealy $100
Virginia Ashberry $40
Julie Michelangelo $20
Kwai Li $100
Anonymous $20
Robert Price $100
Carmelo Arnoldin $50